Meet the Bartenders.

Be nice to them. They are in charge of your alcohol.


Jack has been at O.Henry's 13 years. He's a movie nerd and his favorite drink to make is a bad ass Cosmo. He typically works nights on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, and works

Monday days.


Rosie knows everything O.Henry's. Enjoy a couple of drinks and ask her to tell you the history of Gay Asheville.  You might also want her to make her favorite shot -  the Vampire Piss. It's luscious. Rosie typically works

Friday nights.


Tony loves sneakers. He probably has about 50 pair. Honest. He's also the first African American bartender to have ever worked at O.Henry's. His favorite drink to make is a tasty margarita. Tony typically works Tuesday days and every other Saturday day.


Jeff is a big video nerd and likes to make a delish Manhattan. He typically works Sunday days and Monday and Friday nights.


Renee is is our go to gal in The Undergroud and works up front on Thursday days and Saturday nights. Renee likes to mix up different shooters at your request. 


Tommy is our resident bear and Emcee extraordinaire. He has a fabulous taste in music and he typically works Friday days and every other

Saturday day.


Chuck has a jock strap fetish and enjoys making Sex on the Beach drinks. But he likes to add in a touch of blue curacao. He claims that's how they are made in South Carolina. We don't know; we're in Asheville, but we go with it. He typically works Wednesday days.


Nate is the newest member of our bartending team, excited to have this new opportunity. He typically works

 Wednesday and Thursday nights and barbacks on the weekends.

237 Haywood St, Asheville, NC 28801 | (828) 254-1891 |

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